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JACO Quality

Automated Inspection

Quality is a top priority at JACO. As an ISO 9001-2015 registered company, we strive to meet the highest qualiity standards, and have implemented procedures and installed equipment to help achieve that goal. Our advanced visual inspection system allows us to compare precise, original CAD files directly with production parts. Utilizing high intensity scanning capabilities, parts are translated into 2-D diagrams and within mere seconds operators are able to see a visual comparison between files and indentify whether or not a part is within required tolerances. This precision quality check helps us gain greater efficiency and improve quality yields.

Assembly and Test

Providing fabrication services for an impressive list of Fortune 500 companies through the past 40 years, JACO has earned its reputation as a world-class design and manufacturing facility. From single part production to highly integrated enclosures involving hundreds of parts, we pride ourselves on the ability to bring to life the most cutting edge technologies with our assembly expertise. Starting with employee designed lean manufacturing cells and kitted production materials, our team of assembly technicians are setup to produce reliable, quality products from the beginning. In addition to rivet equipment, our technicians are equipped with torque sets, powder (sp) drivers and comprehensive set of assembly tools to do their job. JACO also offers a full range of testing services including hipot and ground continuity as well as physical performance tip and tilt testing where required.