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Design Engineering

Home to a well-respected Senior Mechanical and Electrical Engineering staff, JACO is able to assist its customers with DFM (design for manufacturing) services to improve product reliability, quality and help to contain cost. By offering extensive design review services, JACO looks for opportunities to improve designs and resolve potential quality issues and throughput constraints before production begins. After addressing all potential areas of concern during the design review process, JACO’s Engineering Team will run a prototype lot, following the product throughout the fabrication process working hand and hand with shop floor supervisors and machine technicians to monitor product throughput to analyze opportunities for process improvement. After critical data is compiled at the end of the manufacturing process, our customers are reengaged in the process to review and approve recommended changes before full scale production begins. Our attention to detail from start to finish allows JACO to provide our valued customers with a highly reliable product at the very best price possible.