JACO Capabilities | JACO, Inc

Manufacturing Capabilities List

  • Tooling Design and Production
  • CNC Laser Cutting
  • Turret Punching and Stamping
  • Robotic and Manual Forming
  • Robotic and Manual Welding
  • CNC Milling
  • Lathe Turning
  • Automated Inspection
  • Deburring
  • Powder Coat Finishing
  • Silkscreening
  • Electro Mechanical Assembly and Testing
  • Hipot and Ground Testing
Automated Welding RobotsAutomated Welding Robots

Tooling and Machining

JACO offers custom tooling service in order to meet each of our customer’s unique needs. Understanding that a full service metal fabrication facility must be able to handle a wide complexity of designs and requests, our investment in original tool design has allowed us to provide a comprehensive manufacturing solution to our customers. Implementing our cost effective tool designs in our automated production equipment allows JACO to outperform other manufacturers in terms of quality and most often production cost. These precision tooling and machining services allow JACO to maintain critical dimensions and also perform required secondary finishing operations that our expected from a world-class manufacturer.

CNC Laser Cutting

With decades of experience laser cutting aluminum, steel and stainless steel, JACO has reinvested in the very best state-of-the-art equipment to provide the pinpoint accuracy that our customer’s require. High speed lasers allow for cost effective fabrication with high-speed precision cutting. Capable of cutting multiple stock thicknesses, our laser operations are able to process a wide array of material requirements to meet the wide breath of needs of our customers.

Turret Punching

Making use of the very best turret punch presses in the industry, JACO’s automation is able to handle small and large batch production with tremendous efficiency. With over 40 years of experiencing building tooling for its turret presses, JACO is home to one of the industry’s largest and most diverse tool collections and is therefore able to meet customer’s demands without always having to produce brand new tools. JACO’s turret punch press features an automated loading and stacking feature allowing for cost effective unmanned production 24 hours a day.

Press Break Forming

By making use of robotic press brakes, JACO is able to compete with overseas manufacturers on price while providing truly American-Made quality products. Our robotic press breaks are preprogrammed by our expert engineers. Complete with part processing and stacking instructions these sophisticated machines are able to provide hours of unattended automated production while technicians can multitask on other production operations. In addition to robotics press brakes, JACO has a line of manual brakes and an extensive inventory of precision tooling to meet a diverse range of needs.

Welding Services

In order to achieve strength and reliability in fabrication, JACO has made numerous investments over the years into robotic welding machines. Providing highly accurate welds with tremendous speed, our robotic welding department is just another example of how automated our process has become. Continuing to invest in our equipment has meant continued investment in our skilled labor force. Home to some of the most talented and highly trained, American workers, JACO’s welding staff is cross trained on spot welding, MIG/TIG welding stations and our robotic welding equipment.

Hardware Insertion

Equipped with a full line of fastener insertion machines, JACO is able to handle a wide range of hardware requirements. With auto-feed hardware systems, JACO operators are able to rapid fire hardware into place with tremendous reliability and efficiency. All JACO operations are held to stringent quality inspection standards with built in sample inspection to assure the highest level of quality throughout the production process.

Electromechanical AssemblyElectro-Mechanical Assembly Capabilities

Part Finishing

Well maintained graining and deburring equipment allows us to provide safe and reliable parts to our customers. Graining parts for further fabrication, JACO is able to provide reliable parts and improve our process yields helping us to control production costs for our customers. Deburring parts allows us to eliminate sharp edges to safeguard our final assembly and packaging team from handling hazards and assure our customers and their end users the same product safety. JACO makes safety priority #1 for our team and for everyone that comes in contact with JACO’s American-Made products.

Powder Coating

Featuring a multi-booth application station, JACO’s automated powder coat line is equipped to handle mass production part finishing. By utilizing the latest technology in surface finishing, we are able to provide environmentally friendly produicts, while at the same time achieving rock-solid surface coatings. Our powder coat methods are non toxic and the surface finish provides an ideal barrier to product rust and potentially harmful bacteria. JACO is able to provide a full spectrum of powder coat colors to meet our customer’s diverse needs.

Silk Screening and Logo Printing

Understanding our customers have a wide range of needs in terms of text and logo printing, JACO is equipped with an in-house silk screen department. Silk screening involves the production of an ink-blocking stencil that has mesh holes in it for ink transmission to desired locations for printing text, logos and designs. We are able to take our customers logos and critical information and adhere them directly to part surfaces transforming them into a truly finished solution.